Saturday, 25 June 2011

Amy and James have a black and white theme for their wedding in September 2011 so they wanted to reflect that in the invitation. They were also keen to include some illustrations of birds so on the front of this invite you can see two birds trying the knot. Get it? This theme runs throughout the whole invite which you can see in the knotted rope repeat in the lined envelope, the knotted rope around the border of the invitation and sillhouetted in the RSVP.

The invitations and RSVPs are hand-screen printed on thick 700gsm white card, with a contrasting black envelope which is lined in the same white (120gsm) paper and a information sheet with directions and accomodation tips for guests.
the RSVP postcard is printed with their address and pre-stamped for their guests to tick a box and put in the post.

Pretty excited for the wedding!