Friday, 2 March 2012

Please excuse the terrible photo, camera charger is currently hiding in a bag of wires so this is taken with my rubbish phone camera...

These are some colour samples of the latest wedding invitation I've been working on. Chris and Caroline wanted the whole day to reflect 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' I think partly because Caroline is a drama teacher and partly because it just generally sparks up beautiful imagery when you think of a midsummer wedding, good theme guys, well done!

I hope I've done it justice here and C&C's reactions certainly gave me the feeling that I had, as they hardly wanted any changes (this design is pretty much the first draft I sent)

I'm just finalising all of the little bits to go with it, RSVP's and information sheets, envelopes etc, then I will start printing for the invitations to be ready to send out it April.

I will post up proper photos when they're all done and looking a bit more profesh.

p.s. Can you guess which colour they went for?


Sally Forward said...

Did they go for blue? Difficult to judge because of dodgey photo - sorry Libby!

Liberty Rose said...

you're right! they went for blue. xx