Friday, 20 April 2012

I've just about finished the wedding invitations I've been working on for the past few weeks. I'll get some photos posted up as soon as I can find the flippin camera charger (again!). Now I can concentrate a bit more on doing some new prints for my etsy shop as its still looking as baron as it was when I first set it up.... Today I'm working on a new picture. It is going to be a new version of a wedding invitation I did a while ago. The one with the two birds tying a knot. Its doing the rounds a bit on Pinterest and is getting quite a few likes and repins so I've decided (with Amy and James' permission) to make it into a sellable screenprint. I'm drawing a sparrow today, I decided that I should make this slightly different so that Amy and James' invitation is still unique to them. Here are the first stages. GOOD NEWS TODAY! Nook and Cranny, a shop in Liverpool, are going to sell my prints! They are based in the Blue Coat gallery which coincidentally, my mum used to sell to in the 80s! My mum was a ceramicist (a very good one) when she left art school, she studied at the RCA and set up a business in my Grandma's potting shed once she graduated. For a few years she worked from here and sold her slipware(!?!? help me out mum...) all over the place including the Conran shop. She even presented a programme in the 80s about ceramics! I'm super chuffed that they're going to be stocking my prints as they look like a really lovely shop and my work will be alongside some really brilliant artists. So there we are. Second generation selling in the Bluecoat.

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